Taking Flight has acquired and accumulated lots of useful resources on our travels through the years. They are available for hire,  contact us for more details.


Equipment Hire

We have a limited amount of tech equipment- as we aren’t very tech minded here at Taking Flight! What we do have is available to hire for reasonable costs.


  • Birdie lights (run off car batteries)
  • Mini short throw projector
  • Various speakers for use in and out of doors (bluetooth)
  • 2 x minirig speakers (almost fit in palm of hand and bluetooth compatible)
  • Ion Blockrocker (larger wheel-along blue tooth speaker in white- can also be used as a PA)
  • JVC Boomblaster (great for running workshops)
  • Ipads (mini and full size)
  • Fake ipads plus cases (good safe props)
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Overhead Projector
  • A3 laminator
  • IKlip and selfie stick


Get in touch to talk about availability and price.


Costume Hire

Here at Taking Flight we are basically massive hoarders. We have a costume store full to bursting with items of beauty from past shows, many of which have been designed by the wonderful Becky Davies and made by the fantabulous Angharad Gamble.


We have a real mix of basic staples such as white shirts and black jackets, assorted ties, braces and legwarmers (yes, in our book, legwarmers are a staple) and one off “fancy” items such as the dress worn by Hermione in The Winter’s Tale or the 1960s Mods vs Rockers outfits worn by the Montagues and the Capulets back in 2010. There is no website in the world big enough for us to post pictures of everything we have- not even to list everything. However, we are aiming to post photos here of the most unusual items and the things we think you’ll most need- or want- to hire.


Of course, many of our costumes have been designed with additional access requirements of both performers and audience firmly in mind- so there are, for example, jackets and coats specifically for wheelchair users and lots of tactile fabrics and accessories.


Please get in touch to discuss your costume requirements and we can either find what you are looking for or arrange a time for you to come and have a look yourself as well as discussing a fair price and terms.


Everyone at Taking Flight would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Big Padlock for heavily subsidising our storage! And being amongst the nicest blokes we have ever met. Fact.


Props Hire

Much like our costumes, our props have been collected up over the years and we now have a substantial collection of quirky items.


Some of the things we think might be useful are:


  • Gramophones
  • Stage knives
  • A (very realistic) baby in a wicker basket
  • 2 x 1960s bicycles
  • 60s radio / wireless
  • A wheelbarrow piano
  • Victorian fairground Strong Man mallet game
  • 2 x wooden push along ducks
  • Megaphone
  • Wooden boat oars
  • Hessian sack puppets
  • Many vintage suitcases
  • 2 matching 60s headphones and radio microphones
  • Faux flowers galore
  • Neon bob wigs
  • Natural material baskets of various shapes and sizes
  • Easels
  • Musical instruments


Get in touch to find out how to hire and get a quote – or to ask us if we already have something you might need.



As well as years of experience writing, designing and delivering workshops to a broad range of participant groups, Beth and Elise, alongside the Associate Artists of Taking Flight have a wealth of knowledge that they are keen to share, encouraging inclusive practice wherever they go!


Check out the Associate Artists biographies here  and get in touch to discuss how they might be able to work with you.


Elise and Beth can deliver workshops, residentials or classroom based sessions on making your performance/ event/ venue more accessible, the inclusive rehearsal room, Commedia Dell’ Arte, making the most of Crowdfunding.