D/deaf Awareness Training


About the training programme

This 2 hr session will be led by a Deaf performer, it will be interactive and practical. During the training you will:

  • Learn BSL skills to be enable you to ask and understand basic questions words – How? What? Where?
  • Learn to fingerspell the alphabet
  • Learn some basic vocabulary/phrases related to your department e.g. sports, food and drink, entertainment/The Arts
  • Receive an introduction to communication etiquette – communicating with D/deaf people – BSL and non BSL users.
  • Receive an introduction to basic audio description (for blind and visually impaired service users)

By the end of the session you will

  • Be able to fingerspell basic words including your own name
  • Have created a sign name that is personal to you.
  • Be able to ask and understand basic questions and answers
  • Have practiced simple audio description.
  • Be more confident communicating and interacting with D/deaf service users.

You will also receive

  • Links to clips for quick reference phrases and words.
  • Pictorial cue sheets for quick reference.
  • Social media updates from Taking Flight promoting your improved accessibility.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact: elise@takingflighttheatre.co.uk


Stephanie Back

Stephanie Back is a Deaf actress based in Cardiff.  She graduated from Reading University with a first class degree in Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf studies.  Stephanie was born hearing and became Deaf when she was 16 and from this point on she found herself facing many barriers that didn’t need to be there. Due to this, Stephanie found her Deaf identity much later on in life; this allows her the perspective of seeing and understanding the access needs from both sides, as well as understanding the best ways for which these can be met half way.

Stephanie sometimes uses speech to communicate, however she finds lip-reading very difficult and her first language is British Sign Language (BSL). In 2016, Stephanie Back performed the role of Juliet in Taking Flight’s touring show Romeo and Juliet. She returned in 2017 to play Miranda in Taking Flight’s version of The Tempest in 2017 and is now firmly established as a member of the Taking Flight Team and is a passionate advocate of her language BSL.

Stephanie has developed this training as a direct response to the barriers she has experienced everyday – any situations where the breakdowns of communication could easily have been avoided if customer facing staff had more confidence when interacting with a D/deaf person.   Together with Taking Flight and after consultation with other D/deaf people, she has put together a programme of tips, suggestions and ways to make your organisation more D/deaf friendly.   It is not BSL training although you will learn some useful vocabulary and phrases, but rather a gentle introduction to ways in which you can begin to be more D/deaf aware and to start thinking inclusively.


Taking Flight Theatre

Taking Flight Theatre Company is a producing theatre company touring high quality, exciting inclusive theatre performances to surprising outdoor spaces and theatres; creating theatre projects with professional disabled, D/deaf, sensory impaired and non- disabled performers.   With creative access at the heart of all their work, they challenge perceptions of disability providing positive role model for future generations of theatre makers; challenging negative expectations, nurturing new talent and kindling aspiration.


Simple ideas to make your workplace more D/deaf friendly.

‘The awareness training that we received from Taking Flight has transformed the way we look at inclusivity at Bluestone. The training was delivered in a practical, fun and energised way and relevant to the needs of our business. It has left our staff feeling confident in their approach to ensuring a great experience with our guests. As a result of the training, we are now reviewing our products and procedures to ensure that they are inclusive and friendly to our guests in the deaf community. We are extremely grateful to Steph and Elise for re-energising our commitment to service!’

Lucy Good – Training and Development Officer – Bluestone National Park Resort – Pembrokeshire